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This LifeDesk acts as a repository for taxonomically useful photographs of fishes, principally shorefishes found in marine and brackish water habitats of the neotropics: the Tropical Eastern Pacific (Southern Baja and the Gulf of California to northern Peru, plus the offshore islands of Clipperton, Cocos, the Galapagos, Malpelo and the Revillagigedos; the Greater Caribbean (central eastern Florida, through the Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean, Bermuda, the Bahamas and the West Indies) to the Gulf of Paria (between Trinidad and Venezuela); and Brazil (south of the Gulf of Paria to central Brazil, and including the Amazon/Orinoco outfall area).This collection includes images of live fish in the field and in public aquaria, as well as images of freshly caught fishes in photo-tanks or, for larger specimens, laid out on backgrounds. Images of fishes from other geographic areas and habitats, taken whenever photo opportunities presented themselves, are also included.

Image manipulations: All images posted on this site have been manipulated in one way or another. This was done to improve visibility of the subject by altering image clarity and lighting, contrast between subject and background, and removing blemishes.

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